Wallsair Airstrip

Wallsend NSW


Wallsair Airstrip



Wallsair airstrip to the west of Newcastle has been a private airstrip since the early 1970s. Owned by 17 aviation enthusiasts, visitors are welcome with prior approval. Contact details are on this website.

Please note the following:

  1. High tension wires to the west of the airstrip running roughly parallel to runway crossing the extended centreline 1350 m north        
  2. Radio masts 120º/1000 m 470’ AMSL
  3. Airstrip boggy when wet with standing water. Check for runway conditions before arriving after rain has fallen. No sudden braking or sharp turns to protect the runway surface
  4. Aircraft tiedown area is located on the eastern side of runway 03
  5. Avoid soft grass on eastern side of gravel strip
  6. Williamtown military restricted airspace above 2500’ overhead airstrip
  7. No helicopter operations due to Newcastle Council restriction