Wallsair Airstrip

Wallsend NSW

Wallsair Welcomes Visiting Pilots


Operational Notices

Visiting Pilot Instructions


Please read and confirm the following operational notices and click the box at the bottom which will take you to the Visiting Pilots form

Grass surfaces 9th February 2023


The grass strip to the north-west of the gravel strip has recently been filled and is soft in places. Exercise caution.

YWSR is an authorised Landing Area with Prior Permission Required


The airfield YWSR is registered as an Aircraft Landing Area (ALA) and operations must conform to Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) rules and regulations for Visual Flight Regulations (VFR) day operations only. Newcastle CTAF 132.1.

Wallsair is now a secure gated airstrip with security cameras, and entry and exit is restricted, and as such you will need keys to get in and out of the pedestrian gate of the enclosure. Aircraft parking for visitors would be to the southern part of the airstrip close to the pedestrian gate. When you apply for landing permission, you will be given contact numbers to arrange access.


Fly neighbourly policy


Please fly so as to minimise risk and inconvenience (particularly noise) to nearby residents, including the need to minimise overflight of buildings and recreational areas.

Arrival and departure only, no continuous circuits. To minimise noise to nearby residents, preferred directions for landing and take-offs from the north (subject to weather).

Movement areas


The grass operating surface becomes soft and boggy after rain and is easily damaged.   The western side of the strip, particularly the southern two thirds, is the driest and hardest part of the airfield.

Nearby Obstructions


Nearby obstructions include (check the current Newcastle Visual Terminal Chart - VTC):

  • High tension electricity power lines and pylons approximately parallel to the strip on the western side between the airfield and the adjacent residential homes.   The lines cross the extended centreline of the airfield about 1000 metres north (bearing approx 030 mag).
  • There are two tall (approx 500ft elevation) transmitting towers about 1000 metres south-east of the airfield.

Current Operating Conditions


Current conditions of use imposed by Newcastle City Council (NCC) include:

  • Limited private use by Wallsair shareholders and approved guests (Prior Permission Required - PPR).
  • No helicopter operations.
  • No commercial activity.

I have read and understood the Operational Notices